He who fails to plan, plans to fail

Twenty years ago, when Joe and I started Home Advertising, we focused on servicing the needs of small to mid-sized locally-owned businesses (probably because all the big ones were working with the big agencies). Just like their big national counterparts, smaller, locally-owned companies still needed to advertise. But what smaller, locally-owned companies didn’t have was a big, national company size advertising budget. This was why it was essential to have a well thought out plan. The same is true today.

You would never start a business without a plan. You would never go on vacation without a plan. So why would you advertise your business without an advertising plan? And just for the record, doing what you’ve always done isn’t a plan.

Having a well thought out advertising plan will give a business owner the most bang for their buck. It is the guide for where to spend your advertising budget and when. It is supported by rationales. It keeps your message focused. It is the lighthouse, the beacon, to keep your efforts going in the right direction.

Equally important to having an advertising plan is sticking to the plan. “Plan your work and work your plan.” There is a reason why that adage is so well known. It’s true. Granted, there may be unexpected circumstances that arise making it necessary to alter the plan. However, unless you have a plan to execute, you will never be able to assess the plan’s success if you don’t stick with it.

What is more counter productive than not having a plan is taking the time to develop and rationalize a plan that you don’t execute.

Thomas Edison said, “If we all did what we were capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.” If you feel like your business isn’t living up to it’s potential, then give Home Advertising a try. Let’s put a plan together for 2013 and be astonished. Once you have experienced success in your advertising, you’ll want to experience it again and again.

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