Six Features Your Community Bank Website Should Include.

1: Use Large Beautiful Photography To Emphasize Your Connection to the Community

Remember the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words ”? It’s true, and the use of photography on a website is no different. Photography can be used for website page headers, for backgrounds, and inline with the content.  With photography from local events, of people being active in the community, or bank employees interacting with the customers, you can effectively communicate your bank’s connection to the community and your clientelle.

Example of large personalized photography used as website header background.

2: Convenient Customer Access to Current Rates and Services

One of the most important things every good community bank web design should have is good user experience. One way to enhance your customer’s user experience on your website is to make it really easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. A user should never have to think to hard about what they are trying to find. The important stuff should be up front and in their face. The secondary stuff should be less than a three clicks/taps from the home page.

community banking rates

Example of user friendly, easy to read table of deposit rates on the The First National Bank of Brownstown website.

3: Showing Your Partnership in the Community

Your website provides you with a great means for you to inform your customers of what’s going on, both at the bank and around the community. The tech terms for this are “content marketing” or “blogging”.  Basically it is a section on your website that acts as a newsletter. This functionality provides you with a convenient way to share short articles about bank sponsored events, community scholarship programs, bank promotions and more.

community bank blogging

Example of content marketing (blogging) used to communicate bank news and other information about the banks relationship to the community.

4: Convenient way for customers to open an account

One of the benefits of using forms on your banking website, is that it provides you with the ability to let new and existing customers get an account application started. A customer can start the account application by filling out a form on their own time. That form can be sent to a bank representative to process it and contact the applicant to finalize the details. Talk about convenient 24-hour access to banking!


Example of an online loan application form used to provide 24 hour access to the start of the loan process.

5: Show off your organization’s officer and staff

Another way to emphasize your bank’s connection to the community is to highlight the bank’s leadership and employees. A page can be built that lists the employees with a photograph along with basic contact information. You could even take it one step further by providing a short biography about each employee that will reinforce your bank’s relationship to its community.

Example of a staff page showing the Officers and Deposit Services team at Henry State Bank.

6: Easy to Locate Contact and Community Location Information.

Your website should have a contact page. It sounds obvious, but think about it for a moment: how many websites have you visited where you just wanted to talk to someone, and all you could find was a toll-free number? Wouldn’t it have been nice to have a local number where you can call and talk to a bank representative.

In addition, the contact page should have a map with directions to the bank. This is especially important if your bank has multiple branch and ATM locations.

Example of contact page demonstrating Google Maps functionality showing locations of bank branches and ATMs.

Community Bank Website Must Haves

Now you know the vital features that your community bank website should include for the benefit of your customers and your brand. Next learn about five must-have features every community bank and small business website must have.

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